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Harmony Matters (Matthew 18:15-20) 8 December 2019

Have you ever heard an orchestra warming up before a concert? It sounds terrible! But, when they are all playing in harmony, what beautiful music it is. In this lesson, find out what  happens when we live and pray in symphony with one another.

Kingdom Greatness (Matthew 18:1-14) 2 December 2019

What is your goal in life? Is your top priority to be successful, or to live a life of true significance? Find out in this passage what Jesus' view of greatness is, and what people of significance do.

Jesus on Death and Taxes (Matthew 17:22-27)                  17 November 2019

In this portion of Matthew, Jesus addresses the subjects of both death and taxes. Find out who Jesus is, on our behalf, when we  trust him as our Lord.

Mission Possible (Matthew 17:14-21) 10 November 2019

When we think about evangelizing the entire world, and making disciples of all the nations, it may seem like an impossible mission.  But, we have been given the tools to accomplish the mission; all we need is a little faith. Find out how witnessing to the ends of the earth can be Mission Possible.

True Identity (Matthew 17:1-13) 3 November 2019

The story of the Transfiguration of Jesus gives us valuable information about not only who Jesus is, but also about who we are. Keep reading to discover four things that must happen before we understand the true identity of Jesus and ourselves.

Heavenly People (Matthew 16:21-28) 27 October, 2019

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus? How about, God is from heaven and we are from Earth. No wonder we think so differently than God thinks, and His ways are so far above our ways. In this lesson, we discover how we can be "Heavenly People."

Getting it Right (Matthew 16:13-20) 20 October 2019

When you are asked a question, you want to get the correct answer, right? When Jesus asked his disciples two questions, only Peter got it right. How did he know the answer? Read on to find out how you can get it right, too. 


The Frustration of Unbelief (Matthew 16:1-12)                    13 October 2019

Do you ever get annoyed and frustrated with people? Did Jesus ever get irritated with unbelievers and followers alike? Read on to find out what frustrates him the most, and what we should do about it.

What to Do When You Find Jesus (Matthew 15:29-39)       29 September 2019

How much time a day do you spend searching for things? Your car keys, that check you got in the mail, the remote - the list goes on. But, what about when you discover something you weren't even looking for? In this passage, find out what you should do when you "find" Jesus.

The Forging of Mega Faith (Matthew 15:21-28)                  22 September 2019

How big is your faith? Only one time in all of Scripture are great and faith used together. The word Jesus used is the word from which we get the word mega.   Read on to find out what goes into building a mega faith.

Learning Which > What (Matthew 15:1-20)                         15 September 2019

One of the most important things in life is to learn what things are more important than others. Jesus gives us insight regarding the fact that some things are of greater value. Read on to discover which > what.

Responding to the Attentive Jesus, Part 1                (Matthew 14:22-29)  1 September 2019

Do you think Jesus knows when you are struggling, or fearful or in danger? The message today shows us that he is an extremely attentive Savior.  Find out how we should respond to his care for us.

Responding to the Attentive Jesus, Part 2                (Matthew 14:29-36) 8 September, 2019

So, what happened after Jesus fed the 5000? How are we to respond? Here are four ways we should respond to our attentive Lord.

Vantage Point: Three Views of a Miracle (Matthew 14:13-21) 25 August 2019

We have all heard the story of how Jesus fed 5000 plus people with five little loaves of bread and two fish. Here are three different perspectives of the event.  See what you think.

Whom Do You Seek to Please and How? (Matthew 14:1-12) 18 August 2019

If someone asked you, "What is the meaning of life?" how would you answer? If you don't know, how can you know if you're spending your time wisely? Today's sermon looks at three approaches to that question.

How to Keep From Missing Out (Matthew 13:53-58)           11 August 2019

Do you ever feel like you are missing out? The folks in Nazareth surely missed out on Jesus' blessings because of their unbelief. In this sermon, find out three ways to keep from missing out.


Going Deep into Kingdom Truth (Matthew 13: 51-52)            4 August 2019

Do you ever feel like you've just scratched the surface of Scripture? In this passage from Matthew, Jesus implores us to plumb the depths of Kingdom truth. Read on to discover two ways you can go deep into God's word. 

A Fish Story: Working the Kingdom Net (Matthew 13: 47-50) 28 July 2019

The Bible contains numerous fish stories. From Jonah to a gold coin in a fish's mouth. Learn how Jesus used another fish story to explain the Kingdom of God.

Striking It Rich (Matthew 13: 44-46) 21 July 2019

Who hasn't wanted to find a treasure map where X marks the spot of an incredible treasure of incomparable worth?   In the following two parables, Jesus compares the Kingdom of Heaven to treasure that can be ours if we truly seek God.

Large Lessons from Little Things (Matthew 13: 31-35)        14 July 2019

In the first two parables of Matthew 13, we saw Satanic opposition working against the progression of the Kingdom. Continuing with his parables, Jesus teaches us some large lessons.


What Can We Count On? (Matthew 13: 24-30 & 36-43)       7 July 2019

Remember the geyser in Yellowstone National Park,         Old Faithful? Well, it's not as faithful as it used to be.       But, there are some things we can count on. Find out what they are in this lesson from Matthew's gospel. 



The Difference Between You and Them (Matthew 13: 10-17) 30 June 2019

There exists a division in this world, and Jesus recognized it. In this homily, find out what our Lord said about what makes you different from them.



The Certainty of a Kingdom Harvest (Matt.13: 1-9, 18-23)  16 June 2019

In the first of several parables to be studied, Jesus begins his discourse on the Kingdom of Heaven. Hear some encouraging words in the Parable of the Sower.


Religion or Relationship (Matthew 12: 43-50) 9 June 2019

Studies show that a majority of people consider themselves to be religious. But, what does that mean for us? What is God looking for? Find out what Jesus said about trusting in following the rules, as opposed to following Him.

Straight Talk to Sign-Seekers (Matthew 12: 38-42)               2 June 2019

Have you ever asked God for a sign? Be careful.          Jesus had some stern words for sign-seekers.                     In this message we discover something better to seek. 

The Words We Speak (Matthew 12, 33-37) 26 May 2019

Kids say the darndest things, but what kind of things do adults say? Keep reading to learn what the bible teaches us about "The Words We Speak."

A Prescription for Fence-Sitters (Matthew 12: 22-32 Outline) 19 May 2019

Many of us are hesitant to take a stand either for or against Christ. If you are a fence-sitter, here is the cure.

When We Are Misunderstood and Misjudged           (Matthew 12: 15-21 Outline) 12 May 2019  

Have you ever been put down for your faith in Jesus?         In this message, learn how to respond by looking to Christ as our model and trusting him, for he cares for you.

Where Are You? (Matthew (Gen 3: 9) 12: 1-14)                   28 April 2019

God is fond of asking questions that get us to think. His first question was to Adam and Eve: "Where are you?"(Gen 3,9) When we read Scripture, especially Bible stories, we would do well to look for ourselves in the text. Think about it.


Grace: By Invitation Only (Matthew 11: 25-30)                    24 March 2019 

Have you ever missed a party because you weren't invited? God has amazing things in store for you. Find out what you'll get at God's invitation.

The Confrontational Christ (Matthew 11: 16-24)                  17 March 2019

Have you ever been brought under conviction concerning that three-letter word, sin? Jesus often confronts us through the Holy Spirit. But are we listening?


Kingdom Students and Spiritual Truth (Matthew 11: 7-15)  10 March 2019

In this passage, learn how we use our eyes, heart, and ears to find spiritual truths.


Series of Sunday Evening Sermons on the Minor Prophets by Dr. Matt Miles

Life on the Run (Jonah 1-4) 15 March 2020

Are you impatient? Do you suffer from what has been called "hurry sickness?" The book of Jonah shows us that we can run from, to, for, and past God. But He would rather we run with Him. Or better yet, read on to find out how important it is to slow down and WALK with God. 


The Cancer of Complacency (Amos 6: 1-14)                       23 February 2020

In today’s message I want to suggest to you that much of what took place in Amos’ day is taking place in ours. The rich are getting richer, and often they are getting rich at the expense of the poor. Also, religious observance is just a social thing that makes no difference in how people live or in the decisions they make. I believe there is a cancer at work in the Church of Jesus Christ. It is what I call, “The Cancer of Complacency.”  I want you to notice several things about this cancer of complacency.

]On the Road to Real Revival (Joel 1-3) 16 February 2020

What do we know about Joel? Not much. We do know that he came to God's people with a message: Repent. Our country needs revival. Find out four things that will happen as we travel the road to real revival. 

Sermons on the book of Daniel by Dr. Matt Miles

What We Should Know (Daniel 12: 1-13) 2 February 2020

As Christians, we should maintain a strong sense or curiosity concerning the Bible. We have to keep in mind, however, that there are some things that will remain a mystery. But, there are a few things we should know regarding our future.

The Truth of Our God (Daniel 11: 2 - 12: 4) 19 January 2020

Our universities are dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. I submit that the greatest knowledge in this world is the knowledge of God. Read on to discover the infinite power and omniscience of our mighty God.

Since We Are Greatly Loved (Daniel 10: 1-11: 1)                 12 January 2020

Daniel has another vision, this one similar to the one like a son of man in John's vision in the Revelation. He is visited by another of God's messengers who has been delayed by the devil for 21 days. He is told how loved he is of God, and to be of good courage.


Our Covenant-Keeping God (Daniel 9: 1-27) 5 January 2020

Daniel is still reeling from the vision he had. He turns to God in "prayer and supplications with fasting and sackcloth and ashes." When Gabriel appears to explain the vision, Daniel knows that God keeps his promises to those who love him.




A Vision of the Future Past (Daniel 8: 1-27)                         15 December 2019

Previously, King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream. Now Daniel himself is having dreams and visions. Even though it's the past for us, Daniel accurately foretold the future of the kingdoms to come. Find out what this means for us in our time.

Spoiler Alert: How the Story Ends (Daniel 7: 1-28)                8 December 2019

Have you ever read the last chapter of a book because you just couldn't wait to find out how it ends? If you haven't read the final chapters of Revelation, or the seventh chapter of Daniel, "Spoiler Alert:" two words. Read on to find out how the story ends.

God's Wild Kingdom (Daniel 6: 1-28) 2 December 2019

In this most famous story about lions, you will discover that even though we face lions in 'our dens,' and lions in 'their dens,' the "Lion of the Tribe of Judah" is King of all.    


When God Crashes the Party (Daniel 5: 1-31)                    24 November 2019

In the ongoing story of Daniel, there's a new king in town. During a big blowout, he decides to use the golden goblets from the Jewish Temple. At which point God comes to crash the party. Find out what "the handwriting on the wall" said to King Belshazzar, and what it means to us. 

Our Most High God (Daniel 4: 1-37) 17 November 2019

Do you need to resign as general manager of the universe? Maybe you need to resign as general manager of your own life. In this message, we find that the "Most High God," as King Nebuchadnezzar referred to him, is in control.

Doing the Right Thing (Daniel 3: 1-30) 3 November 2019

A king, a golden statue, music, a burning fiery furnace, and three Hebrew exiles - find out in this homily on Daniel 3 what is likely to happen when we dare to do the right thing for God. 

Only Our God (Daniel 2: 31-49) 27 October 2019

Daniel was a godly man sent to live in ungodly Babylon at a time when God’s blessing upon the Jewish nation seemed to have been withdrawn. This means that his position was much like that of believers trying to live in a secular society today. You and I have far more in common with Daniel than we realize. Read on to find out the things that only our God can accomplish. 

Our Back of House God (Daniel 1: 1-21) 6 October 2019

In the theatre and restaurants, "front of house" is where the customers are. "Back of house" refers to back stage, or the kitchen - where all the work is done. Our world has a "back of house." Guess who's there and what He's doing on our behalf. Read this lesson from Daniel and find out.

Our Talkative God (Daniel 2: 1-30) 20 October 2019

Do you know anyone who likes to talk? Our God likes to talk. He has spoken to us in many ways, and continues to communicate in various ways. Discover how God reveals himself to believers and non believers alike.

Series of Sermons on 1st Corinthians by Dr. Matt Miles 

As we embark on a journey through 1 Corinthians, we will be looking at the traits of a healthy church. The church in Corinth was far from healthy, but the very challenges they faced can serve as a negative example and point us in the right direction.


Healthy Churches Do Practical Ministry                                (1 Corinthians 16: 1-24) 22 September 2019

Most people come to church for one of three reasons:         to receive healing from yesterday's hurts and failures,          to gain help with today's struggles and problems,                or to find hope for tomorrow's challenges and fears.         How should the church be responding to these needs?    Read on to find out how healthy churches respond.


Healthy Churches Hold Out Hope (1 Corinthians 15)          15 September 2019

What is Hope? How can you get it? If you are lost, you may be without Hope. In this chapter, find out how what we believe can give us hope for eternity.


Healthy Churches Edify One Another (1 Corinthians 14)      8 September 2019

When is the last time you heard the term "edification"? In this portion of Paul's letter, he addresses how to build up, or strengthen the Church body with the Word, and by using Spiritual gifts wisely. Are you edifying your church body?


Healthy Churches Focus on Love                                         (1 Corinthians 12:31b-14:1a) 25 August 2019

There are many things upon which a church can choose to focus. The big three are buildings, budgets, and baptisms. But, Paul showed us a better way: LOVE.

Healthy Churches Aim for Full Employment                         (1 Corinthians 12: 1-31) 18 August 2019

What would our country be like if everyone who could work, did work? Everyone would say, "What a great country!"      In this part of Paul's letter, he instructs the Corinthians,    and US, to get back to work, so we can say, "What a great church!"

Healthy Christians Live Consistently with the Truth              (1 Corinthians 11: 17-34) 11 August 2019

Surveys reveal that there is little difference between the moral choices Christians make and the ones non-believers make. We need to look at our lives and ask ourselves if we are living what we've been taught, or just going along with the crowd.



Healthy Christians Forge Right Relationships                      (1 Corinthians 11:2-16) 4 August 2019

For years this text has been used to defend the mistreatment of women. As we work through this text, you will see that it teaches quite the opposite of how it is often taken.


Healthy Churches Seek to Glorify God                                 (1 Corinthians 10:1-11:1) 28 July 2019

Do you attend church to see what others are wearing, or to hear the choir or the preaching? Our goal should be to witness the glory of God, and to reflect His glory to those around us. Read this sermon to discover three ways churches glorify God. 

Healthy Churches Learn to Obey (1 Corinthians 8: 1-10: 13) 21 July 2019

In this rather lengthy portion of Scripture, Paul leads us to discover three ways we can learn to obey.

Healthy Churches Promote Purity (1 Corinthians 7)            14 July 2019

In the book of Revelation, Jesus had strong words because he takes a strong stand against immorality and for purity, especially sexual purity. Learn what Paul tried to teach the church in Corinth about purity, and how we can use his teachings to stay pure in a tainted world. 



Healthy Churches Practice Discipline (1 Corinthians 5-6)     2 June, 2019    

The world says we are not to judge. But Paul has a different message as to how we are to treat openly sinning members in the church.

Healthy Churches Are Led by Faithful Leaders                       (1 Corinthians 4: 1-23) 26 May 2019

Paul tells the believers in Corinth to think of himself and others as servants of Christ and stewards of God's mysteries. Find out what responsibilities come with being a steward of the Gospel. 

Healthy Churches Unite (1 Corinthians 1: 10-3: 23)            19 May 2019

Here Paul calls out the church for their divisions and quarreling. Find out how unity among believers can be a powerful witness for the gospel.

Healthy Churches Remember (1 Corinthians 1: 1-9)            28 April 2019

In the opening verses of the letter, Paul encourages mindfulness. He shows us some things we need to remember.


Other Recent Sermons

Jesus: The Gift of Christmas (2 Corinthians 9:15)                29 December 2019

You may not realize this, but Jesus was the original gift that was given at that first Christmas, and He was wrapped by his mother, Mary. How are we to respond to the world's greatest gift from the world's greatest giver?  Read on to find out in this lesson from the Apostle Paul. 




Jesus: The Light of Christmas (Isaiah 9:2; John 1:4-9; 8:12) 22 December 2019

Who is Jesus? Where does He come from? Why does He have the powers that He has? In this special Christmas sermon, discover the "Light of Christ" for your life.

Jesus: The Hope of Christmas (Romans 15: 8-13)              15 December 2019

We view hope as a preferred future for which we wish. The NT sees hope as the certainty of a future event. In this passage from Romans, Paul shows us that the coming of the Messiah isn't good news just for the Jews, but for all who believe and put their trust in God.

The Giving of the Grateful (Psalms 100:1-5, 116:17-19)     24 November 2019

Every year at this time, we think about all the things we are thankful for. But, do we thank our good God in the proper way? Read on to discover three truths that relate to our giving of thanks: Wisdom, Worship, and Witness.

In Between Two Easters (1 Corinthians 13:13; 15:1-58)     21 April 2019      

 We’ve looked at the resurrection of the Redeemer,        which calls for faith and the resurrection of the redeemed, which calls for hope.  You and I are living in the interim between the first Easter and the second Easter. How are we to live our lives during this time? What is it that matters? Click the link above to read more.

In Between Two Crosses (Luke 23: 32-49)                          14 April, 2019

In this Palm Sunday message, we learn why Jesus is called the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.


In Between Two Gardens (various) 7 April 2019

Have you ever noticed that the Bible begins and ends in a garden? In this homily, find out what the Master Gardener has planned, and what Jesus did between the two gardens.


Those with Victorious Faith (Hebrews 11: 32-40)                  7 April 2019

There is no substitute for victory. The Bible even talks about being overcomers, and more than conquerors. In this lesson, discover what the secret to victory is, and where those Nike checks will get you.