CSBA Update 02.08.24


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February 9, 2024
In this update...

  • Message from Matt
  • Leadership Lunch Schedule
  • Leadership Lunch on “AI & Ministry”
  • Disaster Relief Training
  • Overflow Women’s Conference/Retreat
  • Multi-Church Youth Rally
  • Let's Go Sending Conferences
  • Generation WHY Conference
  • Week of Prayer for North American Missions
  • ADVANCE Evangelism Conference
  • Cherokee Men’s Calf Fry
  • Kansas City Mission Trip
  • Youth Evangelism Conference
  • Mobile Museum of Earth History
  • VBS Clinic
  • Heart of the Child Conference
  • OK Baptists Women’s Retreat 
  • OK Baptists Men’s Retreat
  • Quarterly Associational Gathering
  • Associational Children’s Camp
  • Vision Trip to Providence
  • Easter Checklist 
  • Tax Return Preparation Guide
  • Recommended Podcasts
  • Prayer Concerns
  • Calendar
  • CSBA Officers and Teams

This spring is a time when Southern Baptists emphasize “home missions” through the Week of Prayer for North American Missions and giving to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. According to NAMB statistics, 281 million of the 371 million people in America are spiritually lost and without Christ. Many North American cities could reasonably be called pre-Christian. Even in the traditional “Bible Belt” Christianity is being pushed to the margins. In the midst of this, God is bringing the nations to our shores and offering unprecedented opportunities for the gospel. With this influx of internationals, there are now over 350 languages spoken in America.

In seeking to reach the lost in our country, we as an association of churches are exploring the possibility of partnering with a church plant and other ministries in a highly unchurched area of New England. Will you join us in praying for wisdom as we consider this possibility?

Together for the Gospel,
Matt Spann, CSBA Mission Strategist 


What is AI? Should I use it in ministry? If so, how can I use it?

This will be our topic for Leadership Lunch Tuesday February 13 with Guest Speaker Wade Burleson (Istoria Ministries and former pastor of Emmanuel Enid). Rsvp by 4 pm Monday February 12 to (580)234-2512.


Our association has a well-equipped Feeding Unit Trailer as well as a well-stocked Chainsaw Trailer, both of whom are available to go out on site to meet needs and share Christ in crisis situations. However, we don’t have enough trained people to run these trailers and take them out to be used! Could the Lord be speaking to YOU about getting trained in DR? Here are two golden opportunities this spring to do so...

Date: February 16-17
Location: Falls Creek Conference Center in Davis, OK

Date: March 8-9
Location: Baptist Village Community, Owasso, OK

Pre-register for either event here


Already 50 women have signed up, but it’s not too late for you to register by clicking here! Open to women from all our churches as well as those who don’t attend church.


This is an event designed to bring together youth groups from all across NW Oklahoma to worship the one and true living God and to hear the Gospel proclaimed by multiple speakers, including Merritt and Addi Suenram. It will enable students to see and be encouraged by other brothers and sisters in Christ, creating unity within the overall body of Christ. This is also a good event for our students to bring their friends who are unbelievers, unchurched, or even for those who attend church but have not made Jesus Christ their Lord and Master, as the Gospel will be clearly presented.

Click here for more info or call Emmanuel Enid 
Youth Minister Jordan Brown at 541-225-7890


LET’S GO Sending Conferences

Get equipped for making your church a sending church!

Next conference: February 25 – Hollis, FBC 

Upcoming dates and locations will be posted on the website below, as well as info regarding entry level trips designed to help your church get started in international missions:



Prepare to be inspired and encouraged to carry the Gospel to friends and neighbors as you engage and listen to pastors and evangelists from Oklahoma and across the nation. Guest speakers will include Shane Pruitt, Tony Evans, and Fred Luter, plus others. Breakouts will be focused on different contexts and approaches to evangelism and missions. 
For more info, click here

The Cherokee Men’s Calf Fry is one of the largest men’s events in the state. It is held in March each year at the Alfalfa County Fairgrounds. The Calf Fry has been going strong for over 30 years. The purpose of the Calf Fry is to provide a place for men and boys to come and enjoy great food and fellowship while also hearing the good news about Jesus Christ. Each year over 300 men and boys attend from all over NW Oklahoma. All men and boys are welcome to attend. Menu will be calf fries and other alternative meat choices. Call (580)596-3475 if you have questions.

The Youth Evangelism Conference (YEC) is designed to equip and inspire students to share their faith. Ryan Fontenot will be leading in the general sessions. There will be many helpful breakouts for every person, and a goal setting session to help groups go back with a strategic plan to advance the Gospel. YES will be a great way to start the new year focused on the cause of Christ! Click here for further info and registration.


Every other year, family and childhood convention leaders from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri along with Lifeway Kids Min leaders work together to host the Heart of the Child conference. Breakout sessions are offered in preschool, children, preteen, family, and disability ministries to encourage, train, and assist leaders. For registration and more info, click here.

Tuesday April 30, 6 pm at CSBA Building

rsvp for meal (and childcare if needed) via text to
(580)234-2512 by 4 pm on Monday April 29 


We're looking for who would be interested and available to go to Providence, Rhode Island, this summer from July 15-18 to explore the possibility of partnering with a church plant and other ministries there in a highly unchurched area of New England. Click here to find about more about the church plant we’d be working with and here to find out more about the work in New England.

At this point, a round trip flight from OKC during that time is running about $521. Not sure yet what lodging and meals would cost. Let Matt Spann (580)540-0532 know if you’d like to go.


Is your church ready for Easter? What evangelistic opportunities should you consider? How will you engage with guests? An Easter Checklist for Pastors helps you prepare with:

  • Preparation checklists for you and your church staff
  • Evangelism ideas for Easter
  • Helpful evangelism resources
Download your free checklist here!

As a part of GuideStone’s mission to enhance the financial security and resilience for those who serve the Lord, they provide pastors and church leaders with resources to help answer common tax-related questions and issues for ministers. Download your copy of the tax guide plus other resources here.


There are tons of excellent podcasts for pastors and church leaders. Above are 3 you might find beneficial. Let us know of others you’re aware of that we can post from time to time.

Dale Hamm as he plants Cross Baptist Church in Drummond

CSBA Mission Trip to Kansas City March 16-20

Vision Trip to Providence, RI, July 15-18

Kirk Sutton, who has been Transitional Pastor in a number of locations, most recently at FBC Marshall; Kirk is on hospice suffering from Paraneoplastic Syndrome and Attaxia, which is where your antibodies attack your cerebellum

Churches currently without a pastor: FBC Marshall and FBC Medford


February 13 (Tues), 11:45 am to 1 pm:
AI & Ministry” Leadership Lunch at CSBA Building

February 16-17:
DR Training, Falls Creek

February 17 (Sat), 9 am to 2 pm:
Overflow Women’s Conf/Retreat, Ringwood

February 20 (Tues), 11:45 am to 1 pm:
“Leading through Change” Leadership Lunch

February 21 (Wed), 6:30-8:00 pm:
Multi-Church Youth Rally, Emmanuel Enid

February 27 (Tues), 11:45 am to 1 pm:
“Pace in Ministry” Leadership Lunch, FBC Ringwood

February 25: 
LET’S GO Sending Conference, Hollis

March 2 (Sat):
Generation WHY? Conference, OBU

March 3-10:
Week of Prayer for North American Missions

March 4-5:
ADVANCE Conference (State Evangelism Conference), OKC

March 8-9:
DR Training, Owasso

March 12 (Tues), 6 pm:
Cherokee Men’s Calf Fry

March 16-20:
KC Mission Trip

March 21-24:
Special CSBA Ministers’ Retreat (Double Honor)

March 22-23:
Youth Evangelism Conference, Falls Creek

March 24-27:
Mobile Museum of Earth History,
Perry (Kaw Street Chapel)

March 25 (Mon), 6 pm:
VBS Clinic, Graceway BC Enid

April 2 (Tues), 11:45 am to 1 pm:
Leadership Lunch, FBC Perry

April 5-6:
Heart of the Child Conference, Ft Worth

April 9 (Tues), 11:45 am to 1 pm:
“Time Management” Leadership Lunch, CSBA Building

April 16 (Tues), 11:45 am to 1 pm:
Doug Melton Leadership Lunch, Garland Rd BC

April 19-20:
OK Baptists Women’s Retreat, Falls Creek

April 26-27:
OK Baptists Men’s Retreat

April 30 (Tues), 6 pm:
Quarterly Associational Gathering

May 7 (Tues), 11:45 am to 1 pm:
Leadership Lunch, Baptist Village Enid

May 14 (Tues), 11:45 am to 1 pm:
“Handling Conflict” Leadership Lunch

May 26-29:
ACC Session 1

May 29-June 1:
ACC Session 2

July 15-18:
Vision Trip to Providence

Moderator, Kim Hays (FBC Perry)
Vice-Moderator, Dale Hamm (Ringwood FBC)
Treasurer, Jerry Koehn (Emmanuel Enid)
Clerk, LuSinda Spann

Management Team
Steve Spade (FBC Cherokee), Leader
Jerry Shaffer (FBC Pond Creek)
Jerry Koehn (Emmanuel Enid)
David Mueller (Ringwood FBC)
Jeff Berger (Ringwood FBC)

Ministry Team
Jonathan Gilliland (FBC Enid), Leader
Justin Romaine (Open Door)
Phillip Gregg (FBC Covington)
Kevin Hisey (Open Door)

Missions Team
Dale Hamm (Cross BC, Drummond), Leader
Jeremiah Herrian (Emmanuel Enid)
Bruce Roberts (Graceway BC)
Richard Stephens (FBC Enid)
Bill Burch (Ames BC)